This website is the online store, and is the online presence of our company. The owner of the website (hereinafter the “website”), offers its services under the following terms of use. The visitor / user of the pages of the website is invited to carefully read the following terms and to visit / use the pages / services of the website, only if he fully accepts them. Existing as well as any new services included in the website are subject to these terms of use, unless expressly stated otherwise.


The visitor / user of the website must comply with the rules of Greek and International Law and refrain from any use that is illegal and contrary to good morals as well as acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction to the website and affect or jeopardize the provision of its services. The online store reserves the right to modify, add, change the content or services of the website, as well as the terms of use, whenever it deems necessary and without prior notice, by simply announcing them through its website.


their appearance on the website should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of their license or right of use.


Users agree to make lawful use of the online store. They therefore agree that they will not use the company’s online store for:
A) the transmission in any way of content that is illegal, contrary to good morals or content that is threatening, offensive, defamatory, potentially damaging to the privacy or privacy of any third party.
F) Collection or storage of personal data about other users.
In case of violation of the above conditions, the users are obliged to compensate the company / business by restoring all its positive and negative damage.


The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor / user of the website is governed by the terms of the present and the relevant provisions of both Greek Law (Law 2472/1997 as it is in force today, P.D. 207/1998, P.D. 79/2000 and No. 8 L. 2819/2000), as well as European Law (Road 95/46 / EC and Road 97/66 / EC). The personal information collected by the website is the following: Name, Surname, Telephone, E-mail address and in case you choose to make your payments by credit card, the number, the expiration date of the card and the three-digit security code is collected by the banking provider.
If the visitor / user wishes to register in the services (s) of the website or to use the contact / order forms, he / she agrees to: a) provide true, accurate, valid and complete information about the information requested by the website place. This information is never disclosed to third parties (except where provided by law to the competent authorities only), but their personal character is preserved. The Website maintains records of such information solely for communication, statistical purposes and to improve provided its services. In any case, however, the user / visitor of the website has the possibility after contacting the company either by phone or by email to ascertain the existence of the personal file to request its deletion, correction or change.
The website may use cookies to identify the visitor / user of certain services and pages of the website. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive of each visitor and do not take note of any file from his computer. They are used for statistical purposes in order to determine the areas of the website that are useful and popular. The user of the website has the right to refuse the storage of cookies on his computer (article 4 par. 5 n 3471/2006). In the case of hyperlinks (links) to other websites, the website is not responsible for the terms of management and protection of personal data that they follow.


The online store has adopted procedures that protect the personal data that users submit to its website. These processes protect user data from any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse and alteration or destruction. All credit card information is handled via SSL encryption technology.
The website uses the bank’s SSL protocol, for secure online commercial transactions. This encrypts all credit card information so that it cannot be read or altered when transferred over the Internet.
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol is currently the global standard on the Internet for certifying websites (web sites) to network users and for encrypting data between network users and web servers (web servers). An encrypted SSL communication requires that all information sent between a client and a server be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, thus protecting personal information during their transfer. In addition, all information sent with the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically detects whether the data has changed during the transfer.


The features and other details of the products / services sold are available and you can be informed by following the search instructions listed on our websites and by “clicking” on the name of the respective product.



Prices are in euros and include VAT on retail prices and not wholesale prices. The prices do not include the shipping costs, nor any taxes, duties or charges that may apply at the place of dispatch, for the payment of which the recipient is responsible. The online store reserves the right to change the prices of products / services as they are formed daily based on the price lists of suppliers, whenever it deems necessary and without prior notice, with only the announcement via its website. The final price of a product is formed on the day of its invoicing. All prices are available on the company’s website without any typographical error.


All orders are accompanied by an invoice or proof of retail where the products, quantities and all charges are listed in detail (VAT, any excise duties, any shipping costs). In the case of a gift, the order is accompanied by a delivery note showing the products and quantities, but not the prices. The invoice or retail receipt of the gift can be sent to the customer via email, fax, or mail. The company keeps in its file a copy of each invoice or receipt of retail sale.


This contract of use is governed by the provisions of Greek Law, the Directives and Regulations of European Law and the relevant International Provisions, and is interpreted on the basis of the rules of good faith, transactional ethics and the economic and social purpose of the law. 
If a provision is deemed contrary to law and therefore invalid or void, it automatically ceases to be valid, without in any case affecting the validity of the other terms. No modification of the terms of this contract will be considered and will not be part of it, if it has not been formulated in writing and has not been incorporated into it. The company reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew these terms and conditions of transactions, made through its online store, according to its needs and transactional manners. The e-shop undertakes the obligation to inform the users for any modifications as well as for any change, through the website of this e-shop. It is clarified that the change of terms does not occupy orders that you have already placed. The competent courts for any disputes arising on the occasion of this contract are the Courts of Athens.


The customer can order the desired products through our website, via e-mail or by phone. When the customer orders online, he fills in his details in the respective order form. Please re-read the form before completing your order. The company is not responsible for any incorrect sending of e-mail or for any error in sending the products which is due to the incorrect completion of the order form by the customer. In any case, please make sure you provide us with the correct information communication (name, phone). Telephone communication is necessary for large / bulky orders or for collectible products of great value so that direct consultation ensures you the best possible service and the most advantageous solution for shipping.


Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information. This means that your order has been successfully registered in our systems. If you have not given us an email, the confirmation will be done by phone.


For the convenience and service of all those who wish to buy from our online store, our online store has the following alternative payment methods: A. By debit, credit or prepaid card (Visa / Mastercard) ).
In the (secure) order form fill in all the necessary fields (card number, expiration date and issuing bank). It is important that you provide a contact telephone number and a valid e-mail address. Your transactions in our online store are protected by top online security systems (SSL-128 bit and digital certification.) Which guarantee a secure trading environment in most of the 500 largest companies in the world. The settlement of credit card transactions in the online store is done by the respective bank or ewallet.

B. By bank deposit of the exact amount in the bank account of the company / enterprise indicating the name / surname and / or the no. order: Here, your order will start to be processed immediately after the confirmation of its deposit. You send us the proof of deposit (from the bank or from web-banking) to our email or fax. If you do not send it, the order confirmation process may take from 1 to 5 days depending on the bank’s remittance policy.
C. By cash on delivery to the courier company upon receipt of the order (Greece only). In this case you will be charged the corresponding shipping fee. D. Upon receipt and payment at the store In this case you are not charged shipping costs.


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