lrakleotis Wine- Greek ancient sweet red wine


After the idea, the vision, the myth and its demystification, the study of scientific books and ancient manuscripts, we present to you, “Deos – Irakleotis”, a limited production red sweet wine from sundried grapes.

In glass we have a deep purple-ruby color with depth and intensity. On nose intense complexity with aromas of cherry, plum, dried strawberry, berry on the first level but also spices such as pepper, clove, nutmeg to follow with notes of nuts, kaka, tobacco, coffee, caramel to complement its character. In mouth it is rich and balanced with the sweetness balancing the acidity, with strong but well-worked tannins and with an aftertaste that lasts long time.

It is consumed plain, cool from the refrigerator or with ice but also with dilution up to two parts of water, while it functions as an excellent tonic. It can accompany desserts with bitter dark chocolate, nuts and cigars.

Serving Temperature: 14 – 16 ° C


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