07/06/2017 – IUC program

In the European IUC program, DEOS company is invited as a keynote speaker on the value of culture in conjunction with primary production. The acceptance of delegates from all European and Asian countries was the greatest reward for rewarding our efforts to regenerate ancient Greek wines. Periklis Papageorgiou organized the program in Greece. Image Gallery


Irakleiotis arrived in China as an official gift from the president of the ancient Greek cities of Amfiktionia, Ilias Psinakis, at a conference under the auspices of President Si of China. It is very important in the effort of reviving the commercial silk road that Marco Polo drew, that our ancient wine was the official […]


It is a special honor for DEOS compant to interview the internationally renowned journalist of the  New York Times Food & Wine magazine about the idea of regenerating the wine that our ancient ancestors drank 2,500 years ago following the father’s prescriptions of Theophrastus. Thank you very much for her good words in relation to […]


Singapore’s state channel, Uchannel, has presented our company’s products to the biggest-ever audience of “The Flavors of the World”. International renowned presenter Joahnna Dong was excited about the flavor, aroma, and ancient origins of our recipe wines, and we are very pleased with the presentation he made by dedicating a whole episode to our products […]


The State-owned Japanese NHK Channel in the tribute to Greek entrepreneurship in the midst of the economic crisis in Greece chose as the central person the founder of DEOS, Mr. Periklis Papageorgiou, to present that innovative products based on great values ​​such as Greek culture can stand out in international markets and be the basis […]


DEOS ancient wine company is invited as the basic lecturer at the biggest forum of entrepreneurship held every year at the Concert Hall of Athens. We presented the innovative products that link Greek culture to our primary production, offering not only high prestige and diversity, making the products subject to high demand abroad by friends […]