The idea

As an admirer of ancient Greek history and civilization, I have visited museums all over the world, studying ancient heirlooms and documents. I was always wondering what it would be like if we could feel like ancient Greeks for a while. The ides is to feel, not only by vision and imagination, as we do in museums, but also with all our senses (vision, touch, taste, smell, hearing), the magnificence of ancient times.

An ancient wine could offer us the flavor and smell. The wine pottery if we could feel, could give touch and vision. The sounds of Greek nature, in addition to an ancient melody could offer hearing. In order to give life to this idea, we need a team of specialists and willingness for research and study.

As a result ι created “Deos” (which “Awe” in Greek), in association with a fully experienced scientific team. Through hard work, time and expenses we managed to give life to our idea with a series of ancient wines, starting with a red sweet wine named “Deos-Irakleotis”.

I strongly believe that every man deserves, at least once in his lifetime, to feel like an ancient Greek by enjoying this experience of the senses.