Company Profile

Deos Ancient Wines a company established in 2011 in Nemea and was created by professionals of the industry of winery and civilization. After a long-term research, it managed to rejuvenate the wine from the ancient times, following the recipes of an ancient philosopher and father of agriculture, Theofrastos.

Deos Ancient Wines demystify the myth of Hercules and Nemea’s lion. This demystification succeeded to become an award nominee candidate by the academy of Athens in 2014, proving with scientific, historical and mythological evidence that the lion, which the demi-god Hercules beat, did not exist but it was a red, sweet, high-graded wine with the name ‘Heracleotis’. Theofrastos had mentioned this specific recipe,that we followed by upon the cultivation, winemaking and bottling.

Following corresponding recipes by Theofrastos, a production of unique wines was achieved : “Achilles”, a red dry wine by the name of the demi-god Achilles,”Eros”, a dry rose wine from the God of love and “Helios” , a dry white wine from the God of sun. All wines have an ancient heritage of Greek varieties: ‘agiorgitiko’, ‘moshofilero’ and ‘malaguzia’. A recent recipe concerns the cultivation of the vanished variety of ‘petroulanos’ with the name “Aphrodite”. Mythology states, according to ancient scripts, that the Goddess of beauty Aphrodite during her emersion, planted this variety at the island of Kithira.

In 2015-16, the French national channel, TV France , shot a documentary for the show “ Faut Pass Rever “ the rebirth of this ancient wine which had been vanished for 2,500 years, proving that it concerns a new category of wines in both taste and aroma in relation to today’s wine.

Deos Ancient Wines has two product categories to offer: a commercial product and a cultural one.

The commercial product is a series of ancient wine, that is new in taste and aroma and is consisted by the 5 labels of unique wines that can be placed at wine sale points.

The cultural product is a package, which contains a bottle of ancient wine, a replica of an ancient pottery , a book with an authenticity certificate of the demystification of the myth and a CD with music and lyrics of a unique saved ancient song that derives from the column of Sikilos. This cultural product basically says to the customer “take Greece with you”, as it provides him with a drop of ancient history back to his country, using the package’s content and his 5 senses – taste and smell with the ancient wine, sight and touch with the pottery and hearing with the CD-. This product can be placed at wine sale points as professional gifts, historical and cultural gifts etc.

Deos Ancient Wines today has the potential of producing up to 1,000,000 bottles annually.