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For one year and more the French State TV France filmed in Greece to produce a documentary about the regeneration of the ancient Greek wines of DEOS company. The way of cultivation, the vinification method, the maturation as described in the ancient texts of the father of the Theophrastus agronomic were recorded. Spots were made in the fields, the winery, the workshop, the National Library, the temple of Hercules and other archaeological sites such as the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio, thus certifying that the exact same steps that took place 2,500 years ago, reproducing the same just wine with that of our ancient ancestors. The protagonist of documentaries is the inspirer and founder of DEOS, Mr. Periklis Papageorgiou. The comments from the people of the French Channel and the tasting that took place honor us so much for the unique effect on taste and aroma as well as for the unique experience they have lived with us for a whole vintage season from the vine to the glass. -Enologist Lab –

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